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Learn About Your World

The Learn Geography Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Learn Geography Community! Please be sure to read this information before joining so you understand how the community posts are organized.

This is a community where the moderators will post information about a country for the purpose of learning world geography, and is intended to give its readers a better understanding of places both familiar and unfamiliar to community members. The current format of this community is that a region of the world is chosen, and each country in that region will be discussed until the countries have been exhausted. In the future, this format may change to concentrate on languages of the world, rivers of the world, etc.

The posts will attempt to cover information in two broad areas: physical geography and human/cultural, but may also cover regional geography (how the country fits into its region of the world), and geopolitical information. The posts will use reliable Internet sources where available, but may also be drawn offline from Atlases or textbooks. Once a country has been posted, please feel free to add comments about the area that are a) additional facts (please provide references), b) questions regarding the validity of the information provided, or c) post your travel experience or living experience in that country.

This is a moderated community, meaning that all posts will be screened. Posts announcing other geography-related communities or friendly introductions are welcomed, but posts about countries will be limited to the moderators or those approved to help the moderators. If you are interested in helping put together posts, please contact our mods.

To see our collection of items covered thus far, please see our memories.